Launch your brand to leading Retailers with flair and speed using exciting
on-line technology that streamlines the expensive sales process.

It’s the new way to build your brand!



Scope out and buy brands on-line with ease and speed using awesome visuals, product ratings and dynamic filter technology.

Buy quick and buy right!



Manage your Brands, Suppliers and Retailers with greater efficiency using leading edge web technology that does the work for you.

Time is no longer the enemy!

No Way?


Your product, our technology. A powerful team!

Competition is intense for premium brick’n mortar and on-line retail space. With Brandscope you get immediate access to quality retailers using unique and dynamic online tools to launch your brand with speed and efficiency giving you the competitive edge.


Revolutionise the way you buy brands.

Scoping out and buying brands takes time. Brandscope brings the brands to you on a platform bursting with online tools that will revolutionise the way you find, view and buy product for your store. More brands, more releases, more product.


Time is no longer the enemy.

Servicing an independent retail base is a resource hungry exercise. Using leading edge web technology you can show more product to more customers in less time. Surpass Supplier and Retailer expectations and be the leader of the pack.

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